Brewista B+ Porcelain Espresso Mug & Saucer - 80ml

Food grade high temperature resistant ceramics,refined and delicate

$ 22.39
  • Brand: Brewista
  • Model: BP-A005

Food grade high temperature resistant ceramics,refined and delicate

Inspired by the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA; breaking the traditional round cup shape, showing the inverted trapezoidal layering, the inner cup curvature makes the coffee liquid into the cup to be perfectly buffered; the central hollow design of the dish is easier to stack and Storage; the hollow size and the bottom of the cup are perfectly matched, higher stability when used and produced, effectively avoiding falling and falling damage.

At the same time,B+ Series Cups and Saucerrs want to express an interactive relationship, connect and interact with each other, so we apply the ideas of light and shadow, and reflection to the appearance processing, and the interesting interaction between the cup and the disc. In the near future, there will be more interactive and interesting products.


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Working Conditions

Espresso Mug & Saucer


normal temperature to 100 ° C

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